Garage Renovations are currently underway. Certain sections of the Garage are closed for repairs. Any vehicle left in these sections may be towed to another section of the Garage.

In addition, public parking lots are being added and renamed at this time.

Please pardon any inconvenience while we continue to improve the Airport.



The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport offers both Long and Short Term Parking options. Both the Garage and Lots are located close to the Terminal Building with approximately 1,300 available spaces. Major credit cards are accepted for your convenience. This includes all motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs and motorcycles.

Garage Lots A / B / D
15 minutes or Less Free 15 minutes or Less Free
2 Hours or less $3.00 2 Hours or less $3.00
Each Additional 1/2 Hour $2.00 Each Additional Hour $2.00
Daily $14.00 Daily $10.00
Weekly (6 or 7 days) $84.00 Weekly (6 or 7 days) $60.00

Parking for the physically disabled is identifiable by the universal disability symbol:

NOTE 1: The Upper Lots (Lot B and Lot D), are great alternatives.  Please consider this when parking at AVP.

NOTE 2: The maximum vehicle height in the Parking Garage is 7’8″.  Please be aware when parking in the Garage.

NOTE 3: The Airport asks that vehicles NOT be left unattended by the curb in front of the Terminal Building. Also, passengers are reminded not to leave luggage or packages unattended at ANY time.


Parking Areas