The Wishing Trees at AVP

The Wishing Trees are places where people bare their souls and reveal their deepest wishes on pieces of paper hung from their branches. Located pre- and post-security. Pick a color of your choice. Turn it over and fill it out; giving well wishes is what it’s all about!

Lactation Rooms

Located on the second level of the Terminal Building. One is located outside the Administration Offices, while the other is located past the Security Checkpoint near the escalator to Gates 1 and 2.

Meditation Room

This room provides a collection of holy books, sacred writings, and prayer books for use by guests of the airport. People of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to use the room for quiet meditation.

Massage Chairs

“Sit back and relax” before your flight in a comfortable massage chair. Two locations on the second level of the Terminal Building. Rates are $1 for 3 minutes or $5 for 15 minutes.