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Commercial Development

Areas Available for Commercial Development:

Development Area 1
Development area 1 is located in the northwest quadrant of AVP, north of the airport maintenance facility. The site generally slopes down and away from the runways with a varying site elevation from five to 50 feet below the airfield elevation. The overall topography varies across the site with limited areas of flat land. The approximate developable area is approximately 55 acres with no known wetland impacts. Residential neighborhoods are located adjacent the site to the southwest while currently vacant property is located to the northwest and north of the site. Industrial warehouse and distribution properties are located further to the north of the site. Currently the only access to the site is through Campbell, Dawson and Plane Streets, which are low volume residential streets located on the very southwest corner of the site. Though the site is adjacent both of the airport’s runways, the sloping terrain and significant elevation difference with the airfield would make providing access to the runways very difficult and likely cost-prohibitive.

The site has sloping topography with the most significant variation occurring in the southwest corner and limited flat ground in the northern two-thirds of the site. The site is the largest potential non-aeronautical development area size with sufficient size and physical characteristics to allow for several development uses. Since current access to the property is only provided through existing low volume residential streets, additional access to the north would likely need to be provided to accommodate potential future traffic volumes and intensity. Providing access to the north would also provide direct access from the site to Interstate 81 (I-81) through Springbrook Avenue and Powder Mill Road, which would support higher intensity industrial uses on the northern two-thirds of the site. However, due to the significant sloping topography, low volume residential street access and existing adjacent residential uses in the southwest corner, lower intensity development and traffic volumes are more appropriate for this portion of the site. Developing office uses in this area would leverage smaller building footprints to maximize use of the site and sloping terrain and require less street and access improvements than higher intensity uses. This portion of the site could also be used for ancillary development (i.e. parking, storm water, etc.) in support of a larger development on the northern portion. Additionally, portions of the site adjacent the existing airport maintenance facility and at the airfield elevation should be reserved for expansion of this facility and aeronautical use.

Highest or Best Use:

  1. Mixed (Office and Industrial – Flex)
  2. Mixed (Office and Industrial – Warehouse)
  3. Office / Support Facilities

Corporate-General Aviation, Hangar Space

Heated and unheated hangar space available for all size general aviation and corporate/business aircraft. Hangars are within Airport security areas and are well lighted and maintained. Low rates vary for GA aircraft and Corporate aircraft. Hangars and GA facilities are well maintained and lighted, and are within the Airport security area. Airport users have benefit of a FIRST CLASS FBO (Aviation Technologies), easy parking, 24 hour snow removal, ATCT, fire rescue and security, as well as U.S. Customs and an on-airport customs broker. 

Office space is also available to Corporate/Business aircraft tenants at reasonable rates.

The AVP Aviation Center, located on the GA ramp, has up to 4,000 square feet of Class B office space available which is suited for aviation support activities. The Aviation Center houses U.S. Customs and the Airport Customs Broker. 

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